The New Work Academy in Your Organisation

We offer our knowledge and services customised to your needs and where you are. Whether it is to spark an impulse, learn new things, shape your future or deal with conflict. 

We concentrate on addressing your needs and build a process together with you.

Inhouse Agile Coach Training

Working agile is a topic that is everywhere – not without reason. An agile approach is the foundation to consciously address the complex challenges in times of digitisation, globalisation and structural change. To bring this knowledge and mindset to organisations Agile Coaches play a crucial part.

Our training enables people in your organisation to tap into their potentials and take on the role of an Agile Coach.

Individual Training Concepts

The tool box within New Work is enourmos. From agile frameworks, to tools like Story Mapping there are many approaches and methods that can help people to organise work more effectively.

We offer workshops for all relevant competencies – individually customised to your situation. We enable people to shape their individual situation.

Impulse Events

Change processes need time and patience. Many times a starting spark can help to create space and mindset for new ideas and willingness to change.

We create these impulses for you. Be at in form of a talk, with or without interactive elements, or all the way up to a large scale internal conference format for more than 100 people we offer the right format to change the gear in the drive towards the future your organisation.

Agile Coaching

When looking for orientation it is not always easy to keep focused. We guide you in your change process in form of coaching and organisational development.

Using our vast experience and systemic approach we support yor development path with our big tool box on personal and business level.

Your advantages with us

With our vast experience we offer fitting learning formats and development settings to your organisation and the people within.

Be it for impulses, training, future shaping or conflict work – we address your needs and create your process together with you.

What you get from us:

  • Many years of experience with working agile and New Work
  • Extensive knowledge of Scrum and Kanban both in theory and practice
  • Systemic mindset with focus on activating your ressources
  • Our large collection of tools such as z. B. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Liberating Structures, Story Mapping

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