What do you do with uncertainty?

Auch der folgende Blogbeitrag von Henriette bezieht sich mit dem Titel auf die drei wunderschönen Bücher von *Kobi Yamada, die da heißen: ‚What do you do with a problem‘, ‚What do you do with an idea‘ und ‚What do you do with a chance‘. Den Büchern ist allen gemein, dass sie sich mit den Ängsten und Sorgen des Einzelnen auseinandersetzen, die ein Problem oder sogar eine Chance auslösen können. Die Botschaft ist, dass wenn man sich den Ängsten und Sorgen widmet, man in jeder Herausforderung auch Chancen entdecken kann. Wie die Bücher schreibt der Blog über die inneren Prozesse, die ein jeder Mensch im Wandel durchmacht. Der Blog will damit über die Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf den Menschen schreiben und dabei Mut machen, die Möglichkeiten, die in den Herausforderungen enthalten sind, zu entdecken.
Anders als bisher, ist der Text dieses Blogbeitrags vollständig aus der Feder von Henriette, in Anlehnung an den Stil der Bücher von *Kobi Yamada.

One Day I woke up – I did not know when it started, but there it was this feeling of uncertainty.

I couldn’t explain it, I couldn’t outline it, but something had changed.
I tried to brush it away with distraction. I tried to make it smaller by setting strict limitations. I tried to dissolve it by measuring and testing every part of it meticulously. I tried to chase it away, by denying it. But when I looked into myself, it was still there.
I questioned myself – what if this feeling will become the new normal?

What if the world had changed forever? What if I had to learn to adopt to the new world out there?

I was afraid – afraid not to be able to readjust, afraid of becoming overstrained, afraid of not being needed anymore.
It made me feel alone. It made me feel aggressive sometimes and sometimes sad. I was too tired to try. The uncertainty felt even more uncertain and unapproachable.

But then one day, when I decided to accept the feeling as a reality, I suddenly sensed a new longing growing inside me. A wish for self-determination, a wish to be fully seen – the entire complexity of oneself.

The uncertainty held the promise to open up to a new culture, one which acknowledged that we are all different to one another, one where everyone would be seen as an individual with unique needs, and where you might just feel the feeling of ‚being all right‘ the way you are.

The uncertainty became my helper. It pulled me out of the shadow into the bright sunlight, where my unique beauty could be seen for the first time without any restrictions.

The uncertainty opened up new opportunities to continue to learn, not to become too comfortable and to miss out on the richness and diversity of the world.
It teaches us about new chances that come to us ever and ever again.

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